Alcatel Number


Other Alcatel Phone Numbers:

1-877-894-4647Web Support/Order Management

1-630-224-9114International Web Support/Order Management

1-866-582-3688Online Customer Support

1 630 224 9000International Customer Support

1 908 508 8080Corporate

Short Description:
alcatel_lucentThe headquarters for Alcatel is situated in Paris. The company asserts operational reach to 130 nations with 15.3 Euro in sales in 2011.

Official Website
You will locate the official website for Alcatel at This site is clearly for Alcatel-Lucent, but the two businesses are one in the same. It is possible to read about the history of the company, find out about the products and services provided by Alcatel and contact the customer service section about your business needs and merchandises, as needed.

Our Encounter
The Alcatel customer service line is automated. It’s possible for you to press 1 for immediate help with an outage or wait for added options. It’s possible for you to press 0 to circumvent the system, but you will have to press it twice. Initially the list will repeat, but the second time your call will be transferred to a customer service representative.