Albertsons Number

(619) 697-8896

Albertsons postal address:

Albertsons Inc.
S. Howard St.Spokane,
WA 99201

Short Description:
Although the business has changed hands over the previous 80 years, the focus of the business stays exactly the same. The goal of the business is customer service and improving the entire customer experience.

Official Website
AlbertsonsThe official Albertsons site is filled with valuable advice relating to healthy eating and saving money. Customers can locate recipes and find weekly economy and promotional prices. When customers have questions regarding the business or these products and service, we recommend seeing the support page. Since the company offers a rewards program, customers can sign up for the Albertsons rewards program and save additional money when shopping.

Customer Service E-Mail


Our Experience
Contacting the customer care department was an experience by itself. The automated system supplied several options, but none direct us to the customer service department. We listened to the system over and over again and eventually determined to connect with another department. After the lengthy delay and joining with a different department, we were connected with the customer care department. We asked the representative if calling was the greatest means to contact the customer service team, considering the confusion related to the call system.
The representative explained calling as the finest means, considering the other processes WOn’t produce an immediate response. By the looks of our overall customer service experience, we’ll contact the support team by other means. Did you have a much better experience coping with the customer service department? Let’s know.