Acuvue Number

1 800 843 2020

Acuvue postal address:

Visa Inc.
FL 32256

Short Description:
acuvueAcuvue is a contact lens brand with fairly the advertising budget. The company spends millions of dollars annually promoting the contacts to the younger generation of student and athlete. Contact lenses aren’t for everyone and they need a prescription in the US. The prescription generally lasts one to two years before the patient must revisit a doctor for a check-up and a fresh prescription. If you’re having a medical emergency, for example an eye infection or loss of eyesight, contact medical help not Acuvue. Acuvue customer service cannot give medical advice.

Official Website
Have a look at the hottest and greatest Acuvue contact lenses on the official site at You will quickly understand the promotion push to the younger generation. Youthful customers are generally much more active and concerned about how eyeglasses make them appear.
A few significant pages on the website comprise the Rebate Page and the Free Trial Offer Request. The free trial form must be delivered to your own physician. It’s not possible to receive a second free pair with the certification.
Being a company promotion to young people, there is bound to be social media marketing. We found two pages on the website, though Twitter was interestingly missing.


Customer Service Email
The Acuvue customer service page functions as the email page as well. In the centre of the page is the word Email Choose the issue of your contact with the customer service department. We chose to ask about bifocal contacts.

Our Encounter
When you listen to the automated system, don’t stress, there are just two choices. The funny side of the system is neither connect with the customer service department. The absolute wait time is less than 2 minutes. When the agent answered the call, we requested if customers could return products. The rationale being, we found several on-line gripe forums stating Acuvue doesn’t accept returns due to health concerns.
The agent immediately dismissed the rumors and explained customers can return products. The only time customers can not is when they are out of guarantee. We like when a customer service agent debunks rumors and tells us the entire truth. What say you seeing our customer service encounter? We want to learn from you.