American Heart Association Number


Other American Heart Association Phone Numbers:

1-800-787-8984Professional Members

1-877-242-4277CPR Instructors

1 888 478 7653American Stroke Association

American Heart Association postal address:

American Heart Association Inc.
Greenville AveDallas,
TX 75231

Short Description:

If you are suffering a heart-related health problem, seek medical attention immediately.

Official Website
American Heart AssociationEverything you have to know about heart health, reducing your risk of heart disease, heart attack and stroke are all available on the official website for the American Heart Association at There is also lots of information from the American Stroke Association, as the two are essentially one in exactly the same.
If you’re one of these people who love to stay in contact via social websites like Facebook and Google Plus, it is possible to connect with the American Heart Association customer service team socially.

Google Plus: AmericanHeart/posts

Customer Service Email
Whether you are at your personal computer or you might have an Internet-ready mobile phone, it is possible to contact the American Heart Association customer service department by e-mail. There are a couple of e-mail choices, so select the best one for you.

Emergency Care Tips and Materials:
CPR and Associated Training:

Our Experience
Reaching out to the customer service team was simple and easy. The automated system supplied five alternatives, with the final being for the customer care representative. When the representative answered the phone, we desired to know if customers volunteered their time and there was a concern with one of the American Heart Association representatives, who do we contact.
The agent explained customers contact the customer service team with the name of the representative and the event. Later, they are going to perform an investigation into the concerns. The call went well and the encounter was great. How was your encounter? We’d love for you to share your story with us in the comment section below.

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