American Express Number


Other American Express Phone Numbers:

1-800-221-9950TTY / TDD

1 800 522 1897TTY / TDD (New York)

1-800-223-2670Apply for American Express Credit

1-866-207-7970 – American Express Prepaid Customer Service

American Express postal address:

American Express Inc.
El Paso, TX 79998-1540

American Express email:

Short Description:
americanexpressThere are many cards to select from, including the Premier Rewards Gold Card, Platinum Card and Green Card. Other cards will also be available on an invitation-only basis for some customers. American Express customer service contacts are available from an array of places, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and traditional means like phone and email contact.

Official Website
Need additional information on the American Express credit card or other services supplied by American Express? The official website found at, can answer many of your questions. From the website, it is possible to apply for credit, log-in to your own credit account and access rewards associated with your card.

Social Media and American Express
For the social media informed consumer — you’ll be able to contact American Express customer service through the following social media sites.

Twitter: @AmericanExpress

Our Experience
The customer service hotline is an automated system that customers must enter your account number before proceeding. They were helpful and courteous when I’d questions regarding application conditions and rates and fees.
In addition, you have the opportunity to contact customer service through the corporate email here: When we sent our question to American Express, the customer care representative sent out a website that directly links to customer service. The web site is on the official American Express site and requires you enter your account info.

When we sent the email regarding advice pertaining to starting an account, we just received an automated reply within 5 minutes. The answer described this special type of communication had not been secure, so American Express provided a link to a protected website. Sadly, you must have an account to ask a question via email.
American Express

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