American Apparel Number

1 888 747 0070

Other American Apparel Phone Numbers:

1 213 668 1474Warehouse

Short Description:
American ApparelAmerican Apparel is an diverse clothing line offered online and offline in branded stores. According to the web site, the name of the apparel company is a description of the company as all products are Made in the USA.

Official Website
The official site for American Apparel is In the event you ‘re interested in buying merchandise you’ll be able to navigate to
American Apparel customer service is available on societal websites like:


Customer Service Email
Sending a short word or long message is simple when customer service can be reached by email. In addition, it means getting your answer on the fly. American Apparel customer service can be reached using the contact form on the shop site.

Contact Form:

We sent a word along asking about the inseam on some leggings on the clearance page. We are going to see how long it takes for an agent to email us back.

Our Experience
After a short message from your customer service team, the call immediately connects with the customer service department. There is no automated system, just another message notifying customers of the area in the queue and the anticipated wait time. We waited for minute, just as the automated system stated. When the representative answered the call, we asked for the hours of the customer service department, contemplating this advice had not been accessible on the web site.
The representative told us the customer care department is available Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm PST. The general experience was great. The representative was helpful and we did not need to wait. We’d appreciate if you would leave us a message detailing your customer service encounter. Thanks.

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