Other Phone Numbers:

1-206-266-2992 – International postal address: Inc.
WA 98144-2734 USA

Short Description: is the largest online retailer with websites currently operational in the United States, China, India, Japan, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Great Britain and Canada. has three mains means to keep in touch with customer service, no matter the language.

Official Website
On the web site, you have the capability to make purchases, browse merchandise and make inquiries regarding your account. Amazon offers a buyback program where customers can sell electronics, films, video games and more to Amazon for a set price. Amazon will spend money on the transportation cost and credit your account with the buyback total. Other services provided by comprise eBook sales, eBook purchases, music downloads and film downloads. Amazon Prime members have access to free eBooks and music.

Customer Service Email provides a customer service email contact on the official site. You have to be a documented user so as to utilize the e-mail function. It is possible to email customer service here: You may be asked a number of questions about why you have to contact Amazon before reaching the email form. Keep answering questions until the E-MAIL button brightens. You might also choose to chat with customer service on the same page.

Our Experience
When we called, we were greeted having an automated system that explained we must hold so as to speak with a customer service representative. After approximately 45 seconds, the customer service representative answered the telephone. The agent spoke clear English and instantly answered our question about returning an item. We called back two additional times and we received the same service. The call center appears to be located in the United States and the phone number calls straight to customer service without an automated maze of recorded messages.

We sent an email to customer service to the above email address inquiring about the hoped-for response time associating to customer concerns. An automated answer arrived in our email within 2 hours.

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