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1-866-616-2664Customer Service, including Components and Accessories

Short Description:
AmanaThe Amana customer service call center has two phone numbers — one for the US and another for Canada. There are three numbers recorded, for example, number for components and accessories, but that number is just like the customer service line.

Official Website
Customers or potential buyers can compare Amana appliances on the official website at Studying your purchase before hitting the stores could be the best option all around. Stores will have some information about the appliances, but Amana may have the best advice. You may also contact Amana customer service or register your merchandise on the website.

Customer Service Email
Sometimes your Amana customer service issue does not require an immediate resolution, yet it does demand someone address the issue in better time than regular mail allows. This really is where emailing the customer service team comes into play. You can email Amana customer service at
If email is not your thing, but you do n’t need to talk to an agent — attempt the social media pages.


Our Encounter
Customers are asked a variety of questions just before speaking with a customer service representative. After answering the questions, customers get in touch with a live representative. The absolute wait time is less than 90 seconds. After the customer service representative answered the call, we asked about the business yield policy.
The representative explained products can be returned to Amana within one year of purchase for repair or replacement. After the year, customers can get the product serviced for yet another fee in the event a supplementary warranty had not been purchased. The explanation was detailed the the representative was polite while answering our concerns. Take a minute to discuss your customer service experience.

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