Altria Number

1 800 343 0975

Other Altria Phone Numbers:

(303)967-1096US Smokeless Tobacco

1-888-878-4562John Middleton:

Altria postal address:

Altria Inc.
BroadwaySte 1207Albany,
NY 12207

Short Description:
altriaAltria also holds a substantial stake in SABMiller. The company has been around for more than 100 years and despite the changes in product packaging that tells the consumer tobacco products cause certain forms of cancer, smoking continues to be one of the most prevalent consumer customs.

Official Website
It is possible to read more about the interests Altria customer service shields at The official website maps out exactly where the firm’s interests are, including non-consumer departments. The three primary money making entities for the company are the tobacco departments, nevertheless.

You can also see Twitter to locate current news from Altria. The news will promote the positive side of Altria’s tobacco businesses, including support of parenting organizations and non-profit systems locally. There’s no reference of the health-related problems associated with the firm’s chief product.


Customer Service E-Mail
It’s not hard for the consumer to find the Altria customer service email form Just see the Contact Us page and voila, there it’s. We used the form to email customer service about medical hazards of electronic cigarettes. We are considering finding out just what type of information a tobacco company will give out about a challenger.

Our Expertise
We waited on hold after the automated system ended for more than 10 minutes. We tested all of the pertinent brands and the wait time was similar. We requested each of the representatives if Altria had a customer contact phone number. Each customer service representative repeated the exact same message. Altria didn’t have a method for customers to contact by phone.

This is not a great scenario for any company to be in. Have you every associated with a live customer service representative? We should hear your thoughts.

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