ACN Number

1 877 226 1010

Other Visa Phone Numbers:

1-888-414-1958Technical Support

Digital Phone (technical support): 1-888-414-1958
Long Distance Sets: 1-866-226-8838
High Speed Internet/Phone: 1-888-913-9411
Dial-up Internet: 1 800 628 6108
WiMAX: 1-888-888-3113
Wireless Internet (existing customers): 1 888 226 2141
ACN View: 1-866-827-3039
DirectTV: 1-800-653-1730
Home Security (new customers): 1-877-479-1668
Technical Support (premium): 1-877-265-3407
U.S. Energy (Planet Energy): 1-855-360-3043
U.S. Energy (XOOM): 1 888 787 8997 or 1-888-997-8979
Direct Chat Express: 1-866-217-2415
ACN Company Edge: 1-877-226-7177

Telephone: 11 888 383 8226
Technical Support: 1 866 913 3445
High Speed Internet: 1-877-418-3738
Wireless: 1-866-295-0124
Satellite (new customers): 1-866-350-8021
Satellite (existing customers): 1-888-759-3474
Home Security: 1-866-952-0825
ACN Canada Energy: 1-866-755-9553

ACN postal address:

Visa Inc.
PlaceConcord, NC 28025 2449

Short Description:
acnACN understands the needs of the customer. The business was founded on the rules of offering services at a low cost that customers desired. ACN started out selling long distance services to other telecommunications businesses and finally began selling Internet and television services to businesses too. With a customer base surpassing the millions, ACN focuses on providing extraordinary customer service. If you have to connect with the customer service section, you can connect by telephone, e-mail, conventional mail, through social media and by Live Chat.

Official Website
Customers seeing the official ACN web site have the opportunity to sign up for services, compare the differences between existing telecommunications businesses and read information pertaining to sustainability initiatives. If you’re interested in services, you will need to see the MyACN web site This section of the main web site offers in-depth information regarding these products and accessible services.
Social Media
Customers have the opportunity to get in touch with the customer service section through social media. The typical response time to customer concerns is less than thirty minutes. At times, the customer service section reacts within minutes.

Google :

Customer Service Email
As a way to send a message to the customer service section, you will need to sign into your ACN account.

Our Expertise
When we reached out to the customer service section, we reached a live representative in about 5 minutes. The response time wasn’t stellar, but the customer service was extraordinary. We asked several questions regarding pricing and availability of services in our local area. With each question, the representative supplied a thorough answer. The overall experience was perfect. What are your thoughts regarding the ACN customer service team? Discuss your thoughts with us in the opinion section.

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