ABC Number


Other Visa Phone Numbers:

1-818-973-4042Close Captioning

1-818-450-0493Close Captioning Facsimile

ABC postal address:

ABC Inc.
P.O. Box 3000Neenah,
WI 54957

ABC email:

Short Description:
ABCNetworkABC, American Broadcast Company, is a New York based television network completely possessed by the Walt Disney Company. The company started operations in the early 1940’s and by the close of the decade was making live television programs. Being one of the big three networks, NBC and CBS, it must maintain a degree of superiority so that you can flourish in the marketplace. When customers have concerns of questions relating to programming, they get the chance to voice concerns to the customer support team.

Official Website
Customers can see the official ABC website to locate local listings, view the televisions schedules as well as watch television programs the day after they air live. Added benefits of the site comprise social media integration, community support and contact information.


Our Expertise
Contacting the customer service section features several options to contact the customer service section. Customers should listen carefully or they’ll lose the choice for the customer service section. After the automated system finishes providing the choices, we found out ABC does not offer a live agent. We waited approximately 5 minutes and could not talk with a representative. Customers can only just request advice or leave a message and expect for a call back. We left a message requesting a call back in the customer care team. Hopefully to receive communication within the next 24 to two days.

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