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601 E St. NW Washington,
DC 20049

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Short Description:
aarpAARP is a non-profit organization aimed at encouraging health, well-being and independence for people aged 50 and above. Anyone can pick to join the organization, but services are just supplied for mature members.

Official Website is open to everyone, but services are only supplied if you’re 50 or older.

Our Experience
The AARP line is answered by an automated recording describing some of the details and plans supplied by the AARP. If you press 0 during this message your call will be transferred to a customer service agent. We pressed 0 again to transfer the call to a representative and waited for an agent. This time the agent answered the call. The agent was definitely not from the the United States and we had extreme difficulty comprehending her responses to our questions. Eventually we requested her to send us information on AARP benefits and she told us to visit the web site.

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