AAdvantage Number


Other AAdvantage Phone Numbers:

1 888 766 2484AAdvantage Citibank Card

1-800-321-2121American Airlines Vacations

1-800-223-5436Automated Flight Info (English)

AAdvantage postal address:

AAdvantage Inc.
P.O. Box 619616DFW Airport,
TX 75261-9616

Short Description:
American-Airlines-logo-Massimo-VignelliThroughout the history of flight, customers have possibly flown around the world innumerable times. What sets other airlines apart from others is in component customer experience and service, but finally, what makes airlines succeed is the faithfulness of the customer base. AAdvantage is among the oldest benefits program within the industry. The program also offers a substantial customer base surpassing 65 million.

Official Website
After signing up for service, customers can discover means to get miles, redeem miles, purchase upgrades as well read the commonly asked questions on the AAdvantage FAQS page. On the web site, new customers have limited access.

Customer Service Email
Go to http://www.aa.com/contactAA/viewEmailFormAccess.do?eventName=webServices to be able to send a message to the customer service department. It is possible to ask general questions or special questions relating to your own account. We asked the customer service team what happens to fresh rewards miles in the occasion customers determine to no longer participate in the program. The automated response gave no sign regarding when we’d receive a response from a customer service member.

Our Experience
Contacting the customer service team was difficulty, challenging and instead perplexing. The automated system supplied several alternatives, but none were directed to the customer service department. The first alternative asked for the customer’s AAdvantage amount. In the occasion customers do not have a AAdvantage amount, you may wait even longer. We waited in excess of 7 minutes and eventually managed to talk with a live representative. We asked if this was the best process to contact the customer service team.

The representative explained customers could contact the customer service team through traditional channels, including, mail, e-mail and telephone. We want to hear your experiences. Share them in the opinion section below.

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