8X8 Number


Other 8X8 Phone Numbers:

1 888 898 8733Company Tech Support

1-408-687-4120Company Tech Support (outside the US)

The customer service hours for this particular section are from 5 AM to 9 PM (PT) Monday to Saturday.

1 888 898 8733Company Charging Section

1-408-687-4120Company Charging Section (outside the US)

1 888 898 8733Residential Customer Service

1-408-687-4120Residential Customer Service (outside the US)

1-408-727-1885Corporate Headquarters

Short Description:
8x8-logo-new8X8 is a business communications firm offering voice, cellular telephone and complete communications packages to all companies — no matter the size. This company is not a consumer firm, but business owners are more than welcome to contact 8X8 customer service to learn more about products and service offered.

Mailing Address
Calling and emailing the customer service team is the quickest method to contact an agent, but it does not mean everyone needs to use these services. Customers who do not necessarily want speedy contact can also select to write to the corporate office at:

Official Website
The official website for 8X8 is situated at http://www.8×8.com/. Here visitors can read more on the subject of the virtual services and products provided by the firm. Despite there being a residential portion of the support side of the site, there aren’t any residential services listed.

Customer Service E-Mail
From the beginning, 8X8 customer service tells account holders visitors must log in to their account online before contacting an agent by email. The log in page for customer accounts is located at https://accountmanager.88.com/. We usually do not have an account so we cannot contact the customer service support center, but we can send an email to the sales department about the residential services the firm may or may not supply.
Sales Department: http://www.88.com/Resources/Tools/RequestaQuote.aspx

Our Experience
We need to say the customer service team at 8X8 are a persistent group. After we contacted the customer service team and they provided information concerning the applicable operating systems and computers which handle VoIP, they weren’t suited. We stopped the quite nice call and promptly after the call ended, we received a call from one of the supervisors.

This customer attention representative wanted us to sign up for service and started to bombard us with question after question. There is a difference between service and borderline harassment. We would like to know when this is trivial or were we the exception to the rule. Fill out the comment section below.

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