24 Hour Fitness Number


Other 24 Hour Fitness Phone Numbers:

866 308 8179Cancel Membership

24 Hour Fitness postal address:

24 Hour Fitness Inc.
Box 2689 Carlsbad,
CA 92018

Short Description:
24 Hour Fitness24 Hour Fitness has helped an incredible number of customers slim down and live healthier lives. The company was founded in the late 1970’s and has since grown into one of the biggest fitness clubs in the United States. In the big event you’ve got questions or concerns, you’ve got choices as a way to resolve the disagreement.

Official Website
There’s a vast community for members. You’ll need to sign into your account after you purchase a membership. The additional information contained on the website contains training programs and class programs. Before contacting the customer service team, the company urges viewing the Membership Center for related policies and procedures.

Social Media
We found several conversations between customers and customer service. The average response time was less the 15 minutes.

24 Hour Fitness Blog: http://www.24hourfitness.com/community/blog/20130529.html
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/24HourFitnessInc
Twitter: https://twitter.com/24hourfitness
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/24HourFitness

Customer Service Email
Customers/members have several methods to join with the customer service team by email. The message centered on the appropriate fees related to terminating your contract. We received an automated message stating a customer service representative would respond within 48 hours.

General Customer Service: http://www.24hourfitness.com/ContactUsFeedbackClub.action
Customer Service (group classes): http://www.24hourfitness.com/ContactUsGroupxClasses.action
Sponsorship: sponsorships@24hourfit.com
Membership: http://www.24hourfitness.com/ContactUsYourMembership.action

Our Expertise
When we phoned the customer service section, we connected after about three (3) rings. The customer service representative addressed all of our concerns and left us met by the end of the call. The experience was perfect. Did your call turn out the way you anticipated? We’d love to hear your ideas on 24 Hour Fitness customer service.

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