Accu Chek Number


Other Accu Chek Phone Numbers:

1 317 521 2000Roche Diagnostics

Short Description:
accuAccu chek is a diabetic supply company that sells modest blood glucose monitors and accessories. A lot of these products available from Accu chek can be bought over the counter at leading retailers and drugstores throughout America. Some insurance companies cover diabetic supplies and others do not so check with your insurance company before buying to see if you qualify for insurance compensation or coverage. You do NOT need to be identified as having diabetes to check your blood glucose levels or purchase some Accu chek devices.

Mailing Address
After quite a bit of hunting, we discovered the company address Accu chek customers are write with concerns.
Official Website
The chief Accu chek site in the US is The firm describes present products and declares any product recalls or security issues on the front page.
Social media is another area where customers can read Accu chek upgrades and connect with the Accu chek customer service team. At times social media is faster than calling or e-mailing.


Customer Service E-Mail
That is an overall e-mail form for Accu chek customer service, but the description of the form asserts it’s for site questions and comments — not merchandise help. Accu chek favors customers call the Customer Care amount listed above for all merchandise questions.
We sent a message to the customer service section about low cost monitors for people who wish to record blood glucose for overall health motives.

Our Expertise
Talking with a customer service section should be a delightful and favorable experience, not a chore. This really is true when we contacted Accu chek. The automated system supplied several choices, but none directed our call to the customer service section. Several attempts to press 0 to be able to talk with the operator failed. This only returned the call to the start of the call. We decided to listen to the entire message and eventually choose an alternative. This led us from one section to another and finally the customer service section.
We asked the representative if we could return used products if they are faulty. After all of the hassle, the representative described customers couldn’t due to health concerns. We feel as if this information should be found on the main site. We want to know if other customers experience this kind of low level of customer service or can it be only us? Have a narrative?

Ace Hardware Number


Ace Hardware postal address:

Ace Hardware Inc.
Kensington Ct.Oak Brook,
IL 60523-2100

Ace Hardware email:

Short Description:
Ace Hardware is a down home hardware store found in large cities and miniature, rural towns.

Official Website
ace hardwareLike so many retailers looking to make the most of the Internet, Ace Hardware offers on-line ordering and customer service on the official web site at You can elect to order products for home delivery or have the things shipped to your own home if you have no Ace Hardware nearby. The web site makes Ace Hardware outside to be this tremendous hardware store with bright lights and enormous open spaces, but not all stores look like this.
You can also learn more about Ace Hardware customer service on:


Our Experience
We attempted pressing 0 when the message began, but that just restarted the message. You can press 1 to find a store in your area, 2 for product information or to place an order, 3 to check on your on-line order, 4 in regards to the Ace Rewards program or 5 for general customer service. If you’d like to complain about a particular store, press 6. We pressed 5 for general customer service and the call was put on hold with some cool elevator music. Judy took our address and gave us the store location and phone number for the Ace Hardware down the road.

Ace Limited Number

1 215 640 1000

Other Ace Limited Phone Numbers:

1 212 827 4400New York

56 2 549 8300Chile

65 6398 8000Singapore

44 0 20 7173 7000United Kingdom

1 441 295 5200Bermuda

41 0 43 456 7600Switzerland

Ace Limited postal address:

Ace Limited Inc.
1133 Ave of the Americas New York,
NY 10036

Short Description:
aceAce limited is an international insurance provider providing the following products, including, life insurance, health insurance, accident insurance, casualty insurance and property insurance. The company provides services to individuals as well as business. Although the business relies in Switzerland, Ace Limited ran in more than 50 countries around the world. If you have a question regarding products or services, connect with the customer service department by e-mail or traditional mail.

Official Website
Customers visiting the Ace Limited website can select the kind of coverage they wish to buy. The website features insurance products for business in addition to individuals. Although the website features a wealth of information, you can’t buy products on the website. You must locate a licensing agent that sells the products. If you need added information regarding the services, visit the Customer Resource Center.
Social Media
Ace Limited doesn’t supply social media pages at this time.

Customer Service E-Mail
We sent a message to the customer service section asking for the hours of functioning. After sending our message, the customer service section replied with an automated message. The message stated a customer care representative would answer within 48 hours.

Customer Service:

Our Expertise
We contacted with the customer service section quicker than expected. After listening to the automated system, we selected nine (9) and reached a live representative. When the representative answered the call, we asked several questions relating to increasing premiums. The representative gave us limited information and explained premiums are case sensitive and depended on the policyholder. Although the representative replied us our question, we expected more. When you reached out to the customer service section, what was the result? We want to hear from customers just like you. Take a moment to share your ideas with us in the comment section.

Acer Number

1 408 533 7700

Other Acer Phone Numbers:


Acer postal address:

Acer Inc.
333 West San Carlos St. Suite1500San Jose,
CA 95110

Short Description:
acerAcer started as a modest company in the late 1970’s and has since grown into the second-largest maker of notebook computers on earth. The company maintains its place in the market by focusing on breaking the barriers of technology, while putting people on the vanguard of every conclusion.

Official Website
The official Acer website provides insight into the computer company. Customers can buy products, download update and guides and also find out more about all applicable services and products. Customers can register a device or visit the customer care page for priceless knowledge regarding their merchandises. One more resource is the answers page.
The customer support centre allows customers to connect with the customer service department via email, Live Chat, conventional mail and telephone. The phone service is just relevant if your device is under warranty or if your purchase an Answers by Acer strategy.

Contact Info:
Added methods to speak with the customer service section include electronic mail and conventional mail.
The company also offers a system by which customers can contact customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. The strategy contains:

One problem: $99
Five issues: $149
15 problems: $200
30 Dilemmas: $300
Single use “how-to”: $19 — $80

Customer Service Email
If customers want to email the customer service section, they need to make use of the email address here: To be able to send a message, customers have to sign into their account or register for the site. Registering for the site is simple and does not require an excessive amount of private information.
We sent an email requesting if the firm has a listing of service centers. We are awaiting a response. Added methods to speak with the customer service section comprise:


Our Expertise
When we contacted the customer service section at the corporate headquarters, we were asked to hold for the next available operator. We anticipated a longer than average wait, but we were misguided. We asked if the company had a section of the site where we’re able to review guides of older model computers. The representative explained the company did and walked us through the whole process of finding the part of the site.
When calling the customer service team, did they go beyond your expectations and “WOW” you? We want to hear. Whare your store with us below.

American Red Cross Number

1 800 733 2767

Other American Red Cross Phone Numbers:

1-202-303-5214Staff Directory

1-202-303-4498Public Inquiry

American Red Cross postal address:

American Red Cross Inc.
P.O. Box 4002018 Des Moines,
IA 50340

Short Description:
American Red CrossThe American Red Cross is a non-profit organization offering medical and monetary help to folks in need. The organization is well-known for reacting to natural disasters and gathering blood for the national blood bank.

Official Website
To learn more on the goods and services available from the American Red Cross visit Visitors can choose for updates, learn about volunteer opportunities in order to find a nearby chapter of the American Red Cross. If you’re thinking about emergency preparedness, first aid or security in general you’ll be able to purchase learning/teaching programs and products from the American Red Cross store.

Social Media
You will be hard-pressed to locate many leading businesses or organizations who don’t use societal medial to connect with folks.


Customer Service Email
The American Red Cross customer service department offers several contact forms joined to the donations, monetary and general inquiries.

Donate Goods:
Fiscal Donor Services:
General Inquest:

Our Expertise
When you call the American Red Cross you could have several choices to select from to direct your call, but you cannot press 0 to bypass the list. Press 2 for blood donations, 3 for health and safety training advice, 4 for monetary of vehicle donations, 5 for disaster assistance or 6 for volunteer opportunities locally. If you press 0 a second time the call will be disconnected.

American Savings Bank Number

1 800 272 2566

Other American Savings Bank Phone Numbers:

1 800 871 4357TDD

American Savings Bank postal address:

American Savings Bank Inc.
P.O. Box 2300 Honolulu,
HI 96804

American Savings Bank email:

Short Description:
American Savings BankAmerican Savings Bank is a Hawaii-based financial institution that has been in operation for more than 80 years. The bank is part of the Hawaii Electric Industries family. Hawaii Electric Industries supplies more than 95% of the energy used by folks living, working and vacationing in Hawaii.

Official Website
We found the official website for American Savings Bank customer service at The website serves to educate visitors about the bank, products provided by the bank and online services. It’s also a portal site for online banking for present American Savings Bank customers. If you would like to open an account you’ll be able to click the Open An Account button on the right side of the page. You’ll have to fill out an application with your social security number, driver’s license or state ID and other personal information.
Social Media
American Savings Bank customer service is available on Facebook. Additionally, there are business pages on YouTube and LinkedIn, but these societal sites are no well known due to their customer service capabilities.


Our Experience
You are able to press 2 to use the automated system to obtain your account or press 0 to talk with a representative. You’ll be asked for the account number before the call is transferred to your representative, but if you do not enter your account number the call will eventually be transferred to an agent. Number

1 800 262 3787

Other Phone Numbers:

Australia: 1-800-251-838
New Zealand: 0-800 442 100
Canada: 1-800-958-9073
Sweden: 020-796-080
Other places: 1 801 494 8595
Corporate Headquarters: 1-801-705-7000
Facsimile: 1 801 705 7001 postal address: Inc.
Townsend St., Ste. 800San Francisco,
CA 94107 email:

Short Description: has assisted more than 17 million customers share, preserve and find their family history. The main aim of the company is enhancing the user experience with each visit. For those who have concerns or need questions answered, you’ll be able to connect with the customer service department by e-mail, traditional mail, by phone or through social media.

Official Website
Customers visiting the website can sign up for a free trial or sign up for the paid subscription. After creating and signing into your account, you have use of family trees, you are able to search the database, collaborate with other users and find out about the service in the Learning Center. For those who have added questions regarding the service, we recommend visiting the Support page.
Social Media
What we enjoy about the customer service section was the timely response time.

Google : Ancestrycom/posts

Customer Service Email
We sent an e-mail to the customer service section requesting how customers file a dispute, in the event there is incorrect information on the website. We received an automated response saying the customer service section would answer to the our question within 48 hours.
Business Development:
Investor Relations:
Content Acquisition:

Our Experience
When you contact the customer service section, there are two available options. Press one (1) in case you are a new customer and two (2) in case you are an existing customer. We made the proper choice and waited for the customer service section. After waiting less than three (3) minutes, we were speaking with a live representative. The dialogue centered on the hours of operation. The customer service representative clarified the customer service section is available to assist customers daily 9am to 11pm, EST. The call was short and to the point. The general experience was perfect. Is it possible to say the same? Share your ideas with us in the remark section.

Amgen Number


Other Amgen Phone Numbers:

1 805 447 1010Facsimile

1-800-772-6436Medical Advice

Medical Advice (Local Number): 1-805-447-3505
Facsimile: 1-866-292-6436
Adverse Side Effect or Security Dilemma: 1-800-772-6436
Facsimile: 1-866-292-6436
Investors: 1 805 447 1060
Amgen Foundation: 1-805-447-4056
Procurement: 1 805 447 3600

Amgen postal address:

Amgen Inc.
CenterThousand Oaks,
CA 91320

Short Description:
logo_Amgen_jun2016Amgen is a medical company that strives to help ease or prevent human suffering with therapeutic drugs and more. The firm continues to be diligently working in the areas of cancer, arthritis, bone disorder and kidney disease for several years. As is true for all companies, Amgen started out little but is not considered a Fortune 500 company with numerous patients treated every year with Amgen therapeutics.

Official Website
You are able to see to find the official site for the Amgen firm.

Customer Service Email
We were able to discover two contact e-mail forms for Amgen customer service. Select the first in case you are requesting medical information. Select the second if you need to report a side effect or safety concern.

Request Medical Information:
Report Adverse Side Effects:

Our Expertise
Considering Amgen doesn’t sell products directly to the consumer, we wanted to know if the firm could supply details regarding products and their individual information. After joining with the customer service department,we asked the questions about products. the agent gave us the following link which details the products carried by Amgen. The customer service team was helpful in our scenario, how about your? Take a minute to comment below.

Ameritrade Number

1 800 454 9272

Other Ameritrade Phone Numbers:

1-800-669-3900Customer Service (Existing Accounts)

1 888 376 4684Customer Service (Spanish)

Customer Service (Chinese): 1-877-888-1238
Customer Service (Other Nations): 1-402-970-5805
TDD Customer Service: 1 888 723 8503

Ameritrade postal address:

Ameritrade Inc.
P.O. Box 2760
Omaha, NE 68103 2760

Short Description:
photoAmeritrade is an internet trading company which allows anyone and everyone to become a stock market guru. The company offers standard trading accounts and accounts for education, retirement and other specialization areas. There’s no minimum deposit, but you cannot begin trading until you have funded your account with enough money to cover costs and fees.

Official Website
The services  supplied by the company require private and financial information to be stored in your account, thus do not share account log in information with anyone you do not trust.
Again, never share personal or financial information when contacting an organization through e-mail or social media.

Customer Service E-Mail
You won’t locate an email address for the customer service section, but you will locate several contact pages customers can use to email a representative. The contact page is short and asks no private information. Ameritrade customer service doesn’t need your financial information via the contact form, so keep that information safe — do not send it by email.
We sent an email to Ameritrade customer service asking for the email address to use if the contact form was unavailable. When we receive communication from the company we’ll tell you all about it.

Our Expertise
When we contacted the Ameritrade customer service section the call was answered immediately by an automated system. We pressed 0 and bypassed the system. Our call was answered within 35 seconds. We asked the representative about the procedures of account capital. The representative read off several options just as they appeared on the website. The call was over in less than two minutes with no drive to start an account or disclose any private information.