America First Credit Union Number

1 800 999 3961

Other America First Credit Union Phone Numbers:

Box Elder County: 1 435 734 3600
Weber County: 1 801 627 0900
Davis County: 1 801 627 0900
Salt Lake County: 1-801-966-5553
Utah County: 1-801-223-3900
Washington County: 1 435 688 3800
Mesquite: 1-702-346-0389
Vegas: 1-702-968-1100
Credit Card Services: 1 800 99 3961
Activation: 1 800 562 1337
TTY: 1-800-385-3928
Weber/Davis County: 1-801-827-8225
Salt Lake County: 1-801-965-3225
Utah County: 1 801 223 3903
Box Elder County: 1 435 734 3603
Washington County: 1-435-688-3803
Mesquite: 1-702-346-0375
Vegas: 1 702 968 1484
SpeechAccess: 1 800 288 7896
Box Elder County: 1-435-734-3601
Weber County: 1-801-621-0372
Davis County: 1-801-621-0372
Salt Lake County: 1-801-533-8574
Utah County: 1-801-223-3901
Washington County: 1 435 688 3801
Mesquite: 1-702-346-0351
Las Vegas: 1-702-968-1481

America First Credit Union postal address:

America First Credit Union Inc.
West 4675 SouthRiverdale,
UT 84405

Short Description:
americafirstfbAmerica First Credit Union is a nonprofit financial institution owned by the members. The credit union currently has more than 600,000 members in Utah and Nevada. If you need to reach out to the customer service department, connect by telephone, e-mail, traditional mail and through social media.

Official Website
There’s advice relating to the various types of accounts, advice pertaining to online services, in addition to financial tools
Social Media
On average, the customer service department responds to customer concerns within four (4) hours.


Customer Service Email
We sent an e-mail to the customer service department asking for advice relating to the hours of functioning. There is absolutely no advice pertaining to this matter on the site. After sending our message, we received an automated reply stating the customer service department would react within 24 hours. We’re still awaiting a reply.

Our Experience
When we contacted the customer service department, we expected a delay, but not a delay surpassing five (5) minutes. After the extended delay, we eventually reached a live representative. Our conversation centered on bill payment assistance, notably for military families. The representative failed to have all of the responses, but the connected us having an agent that had the responses. By the conclusion of the call, all of our concerns were replied. We did like the customer service representative transferred us when military families failed to know the reply. The general experience was not ideal, but better than expected. We would like to hear from you.