Adidas Number

1 800 982 9337

Other Adidas Phone Numbers:

1-800-448-1796Consumer Connections

1-971-234-2300Adidas Corporate Office

Adidas postal address:

Adidas Inc.
N. Greeley Ave.Portland,
OR 97217

Short Description:
Adidas is an important player in fitness apparel and equipment. Adidas products can be found on the market online, in stores and across numerous countries.

Official Website
adidasTwo significant sites for consumers to contact Adidas customer service are at and The first website is the main Adidas customer service page with loads of information regarding purchases, warranties and contact details. The second is the website for the group in charge of the Adidas, Reebok and Taylor Made names. The consumer web site offers an incredibly detailed contact page with contact information for several of the brands sold by Adidas. Contact information can be found at

Customer Service Email
The consumer relations department might be the best contact for Adidas customer service. Customers can email brokers about warranty issues, product variety, store issues and other customer service matters.

Our Expertise
The Adidas customer relations department phone number is operated by an automated system. We pressed 0 multiple times but the automated system simply restarted and replayed exactly the same list of choices. You’ll hear various choices while waiting on hold for customer service. We tried to press 0 to bypass these alternatives as well, but we did have no chance. Choice 7 is the greatest alternative when you would like to skip the long list of alternatives and head straight into a customer service representative. Our call was replied in two minutes.