Adams Golf Number


Other Adams Golf Phone Numbers:

1 972 673 9000Corporate Headquarters

1 972 398 8818Fax

Short Description:
adamsAdams Golf is a US-based manufacturer of golf clubs, accessories and apparel. The company specializes in custom clubs and accessories. Have you purchased Adams Golf clubs or accessories and should reach out to the customer service section? Join by telephone, e-mail, through social media or by traditional mail.

Official Website
Customers seeing the Adams Golf web site can review the entire product line, review guarantee advice, locate a retail store, register a product and review the technical specifications. You’ve access to the corporate site in which you can read advice from your corporate executives.
Social Media
It’s possible for you to connect with the customer service section through social media. You may receive a faster response when you connect with the customer service section on Twitter.

Customer Service Email
In order to send a message to the customer service section, you will have to make use of the customer feedback form. The required information needed to send you message, includes, your name, contact information and your message. The company suggests not sending personal information or account advice. We sent a message to the customer service section asking about the return policy. We desired to know if customers return merchandise to the main office or the retail location in case the products are faulty.

Customer Service:

Our Encounter
We called the customer service section and reached the operator, prior to talking with a live agent. After the agent answered the call, we asked questions about buying an extended warranty. The agent described the guarantee associated with all Adams Golf products are handled at the store level, not the corporate level. Although the agent addressed our concern, we did not anticipate the company to defer a concern to your retail store. This scenario lowered our awareness of the customer service section. When you reached out to the customer service section, did the representative address your concerns? We want to learn from customers just like you. Take a minute to discuss your ideas with us in the opinion section.