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2K Sports Corporate
10 Hamilton LandingNovato,
CA 94949

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Short Description:
There are gamers young and old all around the world and 2K Sports aims to supply those customers with the best sports games in the marketplace. As of November, 2012, customers can purchase baseball, basketball and tennis games and much more from 2K Sports customer service.

Contact Info
There are not any 2K Sports customer service phone numbers recorded on the official website. That is likely because game companies cannot help customers with technical game problems as those issues usually are not commonly the error of the game. We were able to discover a number for the 2K Sports corporate office.

Mailing Address
When it came to locating a mailing address for 2K Sports customer service we came across the same problem we found with the phone number. There isn’t anything recorded on the official web site, but the corporate address is recorded elsewhere on the net.

Official Website
2kYou’ll locate details about new and existing games from 2K Sports on the official web site here. Customers can also order 2K Sports games online though prices for games may be more economical at other retailers like Walmart or Amazon.com.
The 2K Sports customer service team can be found on social media for easy game questions or remarks. Contact the team at:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/2KSports
Twitter: https://twitter.com/2ksports

If you need help with a 2K Sports game, you are able to see the support page here.

Customer Service Email
Email addresses are recorded on the 2K Sports website. Here is the only piece of contact information the business openly offers to customers, though the website does indicate customers look through the FAQs section before asking technical questions about the game.

Our Experience
There are only three available choices when you contact the customer service section at 2K Sports. Press 3 and you’re connected into a live agent. When the customer support team answered the call, we asked an essential question regarding the products made by the business. We asked about the ESRB ratings. We cannot locate information on the web site.
After placing us on hold for several minutes, the agent returned and provided a link on the web site which discusses this issue in detail. When we were put on hold, we though the call was ended. We anticipated worse than what we received. Do you care to express your thoughts in your customer service encounter? Take a minute and fill in the comment area below.