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Other Xerox Phone Numbers:

(303)967-1096Direct US Customer Service Phone Number

Xerox postal address:

Xerox Inc.
Norwalk, CT 06856 4505

Short Description:
xeroxACS is a Xerox company that outsources customer service and customer attention via a call center environment. In addition, the company offers an interactive call center to help you see how things should be setup if you are planning an in house operation. Call centers are used by nearly every retail industry, including banking, mail orders, online orders and more. If there’s a major business offering products and services, there’s bound to be a call center on another end of the call. Xerox additionally owns the ACS Schooling company that processes student loans and supplies cloud computing, file management, IT outsourcing and HR services.

Official Website
The official website for ACS is You’ll find links to other service websites from Xerox listed on the Services page. Some service websites allow customers to log into an account to make changes, pay bills and such. Other sites, like the main ACS website does not have a log in for customers whatsoever.

Customer Service Email
ACS doesn’t list a customer service email address in the conventional kind, but they do offer a contact email form customers may use to learn more about available business services. The contact form isn’t the place to contact ACS about charging matters or to send credit card information if you have a charging issue. This really is just a general contact form.

Our Experience
Unfortunately, a company which offers customer service in a call center environment should have someone answering the phones. This time a representative answered the call in less than 10 seconds. With the start of schools and universities, we asked about the student loan services accessible through the company. The representative answered our question having an atmosphere of ability.
If you sign up for the hour lag just to speak to a customer service representative, the encounter went fairly well. Do you share exactly the same opinions? Let us know below.

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