ANA Number

1 800 235 9262

Other ANA Phone Numbers:

1 310 782 3011Outside of the US, Mexico, Brazil or Canada

1 800 235 9262TTY

ANA postal address:

ANA Inc.
America2050 W. 190th St.Ste. 100Torrance,

CA 90504

Short Description:
anaBusiness history stretches back to 1952 with the establishment of Japan Helicopter and Aeroplane Transports. Merely five years later the company changed its name to ANA.

Official Website
The official site for ANA customer service and booking can be found at Customers interested in making a booking on an ANA flight can visit to search for available flights. For detailed information about fares and the partnership between United Airlines and ANA, visit the fares page at

Customer Service E-Mail
There are two contact emails for ANA customer service.
Non-ANA Mileage Club Members:
If you live outside the USA and you must contact ANA customer service by email, visit to find the finest contact email.

Our Experience
We phoned the ANA customer service line to try the customer service system. You are able to press 1 for arrivals and departures, 2 for mileage plan and rewards information or 3 for other queries. Next you will need to press 1 in case you are an ANA Mileage Club member or 2 if you aren’t a member.
After waiting on hold for what felt like forever, our call was answered after more than six minutes. The customer service representative was more than happy to search for available flights.

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