Amgen Number


Other Amgen Phone Numbers:

1 805 447 1010Facsimile

1-800-772-6436Medical Advice

Medical Advice (Local Number): 1-805-447-3505
Facsimile: 1-866-292-6436
Adverse Side Effect or Security Dilemma: 1-800-772-6436
Facsimile: 1-866-292-6436
Investors: 1 805 447 1060
Amgen Foundation: 1-805-447-4056
Procurement: 1 805 447 3600

Amgen postal address:

Amgen Inc.
CenterThousand Oaks,
CA 91320

Short Description:
logo_Amgen_jun2016Amgen is a medical company that strives to help ease or prevent human suffering with therapeutic drugs and more. The firm continues to be diligently working in the areas of cancer, arthritis, bone disorder and kidney disease for several years. As is true for all companies, Amgen started out little but is not considered a Fortune 500 company with numerous patients treated every year with Amgen therapeutics.

Official Website
You are able to see to find the official site for the Amgen firm.

Customer Service Email
We were able to discover two contact e-mail forms for Amgen customer service. Select the first in case you are requesting medical information. Select the second if you need to report a side effect or safety concern.

Request Medical Information:
Report Adverse Side Effects:

Our Expertise
Considering Amgen doesn’t sell products directly to the consumer, we wanted to know if the firm could supply details regarding products and their individual information. After joining with the customer service department,we asked the questions about products. the agent gave us the following link which details the products carried by Amgen. The customer service team was helpful in our scenario, how about your? Take a minute to comment below.

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