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American Family Insurance postal address:

American Family Insurance Inc.
American PkwyMadison,
WI 53783

Short Description:
American Family InsuranceAmerican Family Insurance is a Wisconsin-based insurance company offering vehicle, home motorcycle, renters and life insurance to customers for more than 80 years.

Official Website
Details about the range of insurance policies provided by American Family Insurance are accessible on the official web site at If you are already an American Family Insurance customer, you can log in on the web site to get your account and coverages. In case you ‘re a customer but you have never registered for online account access, simply register for your free account today. Have your bill convenient when you register because you’ll need to enter information regarding your coverage(ies).

Customer Service E-Mail
Pick the American Family Insurance customer service form that best addresses your dilemma now. Emailing a customer representative may be a welcome medium between telephoning and writing a letter, but the rules for letters also apply to emails. There is no 100% secure means of sending an email, so any information you supply on the form could be read by someone besides the American Family Insurance representative.

Billing Department:
Consumer Affairs:
Accredited Repairs:

Our Expertise
When we contact the customer service team of an insurance company, there are generally several choices and several customer service departments to contact. We lucked out and connected with the correct department the very first time. There was little wait time. In fact, we connected to a live agent in less than 3 minutes.
When the customer service agent answered the call, we asked if the company supplied payment assistance programs for customers facing financial hardships. The agent supplied several choices, including, altering the deadline of the payment and reducing the coverage amounts I order to minimize the payments. Overall the call went nicely, did your? Share your experience below.

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