Alpha Bank Number

801-11 326 0000

Other Alpha Bank Phone Numbers:

Credit Card Customers: 210 339 7250
Reporting Fraud: 210 326 3436
AXA Insurance: 210 726 8000
Alpha Leasing: 210 336 7900
Alpha Trade: 210 370 5700

Alpha Bank postal address:

Alpha Bank Inc.
105 Avenue Athens 104 47 Athens

Short Description:
Alpha Bank is the second largest financial institution in Greece.

Official Website
Alpha BankCustomers visiting the official Alpha Bank site have the chance to create an account or hint into their existing account. There’s information linking personal accounts, business accounts, too as wealth management and investment management. The firm supplies useful links to better help with fiscal knowledge and understanding. In the function, you need additional information regarding products or service, seeing the Customer Care page.

Social Media
Currently, Alpha Bank does not offer social media accounts to use to contact the customer service section.

Customer Service Email
Customers needing to reach out to the customer service section by e-mail have choices. When you send a message, you may have to select the section you’re attempting to reach. We sent a message to the section regarding goods and services. We asked for information regarding the conversion rate for international customers. After sending our message, we received an automated response saying the customer service section would react within 24 hours.

Customer Service:

Our Experience
The general experience was mixed. We had the chance to reach out to the customer service section, but the response times weren’t perfect. Several of the attempt to contact the customer service section resulted in an automated reaction, instead of a reaction from your customer service section. When you contacted the customer service section, what was the outcome? Did Alpha Bank offer extraordinary customer service? We’d love to learn from customers much like you. Share your ideas with us in the remark section.

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