Allegheny Power Number


Other Allegheny Power Phone Numbers:

1-800-955-9445Mon Power TTY

1 800 686 0011Potomac Edison Customer Service

1-800-955-9445Potomac Edison TTY

Allegheny Power postal address:

Allegheny Power Inc.
P.O. Box 3615
Akron, OH 44309

Short Description:
Allegheny PowerThere appears to be some confusion regarding Allegheny Power, Allegheny Energy and First Energy. Allegheny Power was an energy supplier in West Virginia and Maryland, but the business was purchased by First Energy. Allegheny Energy, a separate business, was also purchased by First Energy so irrespective of how distinct the three firms once were, they’re all one business today. Allegheny Power insured the service areas now covered by Mon Power and Potomac Edison.

Official Website
Visit to get the link to your local energy company. You won’t locate a link to Allegheny Power, but you’ll find reference to Mon Power and Potomac Edison. Pick one that shows your area on the coverage map. Once you have clicked on the business link you may be able to access your account, pay your invoice online and contact customer service. You do NOT have to log into your account to reach a customer service agent by e-mail, phone or mail.

Customer Service Email
There is no particular Allegheny Power customer service e-mail, but you may select the proper business in the drop down menu on the customer service form on the First Energy website. Once you have chosen the business you can choose the topic of your e-mail and fill in the personal information needed to send the form. We sent along a customer service e-mail requesting info on the business that now covers a small town in the eastern panhandle of West Virginia.

Our Expertise
We phoned Mon Power to see how quickly we could make it through the automated system. We pressed 0, but the line was setup to restart the list of alternatives when 0 was pressed. After listening to all of the alternatives we press 5 for something else and then said other options.

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