All Laundry Number


Other All Laundry Phone Numbers:

1-800-745-9279Medical and Product Safety

All Laundry postal address:

All Laundry Inc.
Sylvan Ave2nd FloorEnglewood Cliffs,

NJ 07632

Short Description:
all-laundryMany consumers don’t have any idea that brand name products are often directly linked with off brands. For example, All is made by Sun Products and so is Sun laundry detergent. Sun often sells for less than half the price of All, yet the consumers are both from precisely the same business.

Official Website
The All website at is a cute little site with tons of advice about All customer service and products. We particularly enjoy the MSDS sheets listed under the advertising bar at the bottom of the page. You are able to read about the ingredients used in every All product using the MSDS sheets.

Customer Service Email
There’s an All customer service email form on the Contact Us page. Customers can fill in as little or as much info on the form as they’d enjoy, but there is some required advice to send the form like name, address and email. We contacted All to thank customers for adding OXI-Active to the free line to see if they contact customers back who commend them.

Our Expertise
Connecting with the customer service section was rather simple. Yes, we ran into the regular automated system, but the choices were clear and directed to the customer to the proper section. There was little likelihood of confusion of redirecting calls. The total wait time was approximately 2 minutes. When the agent answered the call, we desired to understand the protocol if we notice inconsistencies in products sold at retail locations. Should customers contact the retail establishment or should they contact All.
The agent said customers should contact the retail place first, then connect with the customer service team. This permits the concern to be managed on multiple fronts. the team at All understands what it takes to provide great customer service. Would you like to add your encounters? Comment in the section below.

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