ALDI Number

0871 223 2305

Short Description:
ALDIIn 1960 two brothers had a dream of carrying on the family business focused on selling high quality products at a low price. From this dream, ALDI was born. The notion of the store is made to fit the needs of the customer and to reduce the total costs. Customers bring within their own bags and just the finest merchandise is stocked on the shelves.

Official Website
The official ALDI website features the company’s weekly advertisement, information relating to the available products and services and info relating to the firm. Customers wanting to locate the closest ALDI will have to see the store locatorand input their zip code.
Customers wanting to better understand the firm should see the FAQs page before connecting with the customer service department.

Customer Service Email
Visit order to send an e-mail to the customer service department. The internal link takes customers to some customer feedback form where you can send a message regarding a product or service along with entire customer experience.
We sent a message asking for the customer service phone number for the U.S. shops. The only information we found connecting to some customer service phone number was for a store in the Germany.
Facebook (ALDI U.S.):

Our Expertise
Considering the phone number we found was an international number, we were unable to contact the customer service department. Instead, we sent a message on the customer comments form. In the event we do receive an answer relating to the U.S. customer service department, we will contact and notify you of our expertise.
Have you ever had better luck contacting the customer service department?

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