Air Berlin Number

070 654 737

The customer service section is open for business 24 hours per day , 7 days a week.

Austria: 0820 737 800
Canada: 866 266 5588
China South: 10 800 120-2139
Czech Republic: 800 142 285
Denmark: 80 887785
Ireland: 818 277 737
Spain: 902 333 335
Great Britain: 0871 5000 737
Israel: 1809 212 701
Italy: 199 400 737
Luxemburg: 900 42 737
Hungary: 06800 17 110
Norway: 815 443 20
Portugal: 808 202 737
Russia: 8 800 5550737
Serbia: 011 3216888
Finland: 0800 913 033
Slovakia: 0850 001 737
Slovenia: 01 6001 837
UAE: 800 041 05 005
United States: 866-266-5588

Short Description:
airberlinAir Berlin is one of the leading airlines in Europe. The airline currently offers flights to more than 150 destinations throughout the world. When customers must address problems or voice concerns, they can reach out to the customer service section by telephone, e-mail, conventional mail or through social media.

Official Website
Customers visiting the Air Berlin website will need to select their country of origin prior to joining to the balance of the website. After choosing the state, you’ll be able to reserve travel arrangements, including, flights, car rentals and hotel accommodations. You can learn about special offers and promotions, as well as sign up for reductions through e-mail. There’s a section of the website discussing the airline and the destination.

Social Media
The social media pages provide a wealth of advice relating to the customer service and corporate information. We noticed several conversations in which the customer service team responded within several hours. The typical response time was less than 24 hours.


Customer Service E-Mail
The automated reply we received stated a customer service representative would respond within 10 business days.

Customer Service:

Our Experience
When we contacted the customer service section, we reached a live representative after approximately 60 seconds. To be able to bypass the automated system, we pressed five (5). After the representative answered the call, we voiced our concerns relating to traveling with passengers with disabilities. The representative addressed our concerns and clarified the process. The general feel was great. The customer service representative was professional and helpful. Is it possible to say the same about your customer service encounter? Discuss your thoughts with us in the remark section.

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