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Other Afternic Phone Numbers:

1-339-222-5145International Sales

1-866-351-9586Customer Service

1-781-839-7990International Customer Service

Afternic email:

Short Description:
AfternicThe Afternic business facilitates the purchase and sale of domain names. The domain experts may also be available to help guide domain owners down the road of monetizing a domain so owners can sell later for a higher cost. Customers can create an account online free. In addition, there are associate and reseller programs from Afternic.

Mailing Address
With a pen in hand, seize your letter and submit the envelope with the Afternic customer service address.

The mailing address can be used for general contact, but monetary problems shouldn’t be addressed by mail. If you have an issue with payments for either buying or selling domains or revenue earned from your domain, contact the Afternic customer service section by phone. E-Mail is also a viable choice, but do not contain account numbers in the email.

Official Website
Domain Names are listed for sale on the official site for Afternic at The website runs as the sales page for domains, but clients can also record their domains on the market and make money from ads displayed on the page in the meantime. For those who have some unwanted domains just sitting around collecting virtual dust, you are able to record them and make money.
Afternic is also available to customers on social media sites. We found four sites most customers will probably know about.

Google Plus:

Customer Service E-Mail
Once you log in to your Afternic account, you will be shown dedicated email addresses for the sales and service sections. There’s also a contact form listed on the primary support page.

Customer Service E-Mail Form:

Our Experience
When we contacted the customer service team at Afternic, we noticed the automated system with a small amount of options. It was assuring and made us believe the team was focused on providing exceptional service, as opposed to making the customers wait. We were correct.

Seconds ahead of speaking with a customer care agent. We clarified to the agent we found information on scam report sites promising the company charges customers after they cancel their service. The agent debunked the rumor by saying the business does not charge after service is canceled. They went further to explain when a customer is accidentally billed, they just contact the customer service section for a fleet refund. What say you regarding the customer service at Afternic? Take a minute to comment below.

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