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1 713 337 2905Fax

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APGE-LogoAffordable Power is an energy business in the deregulated state of Texas. Texas offers an array of energy business options because state law permits retail companies to provide energy and so compete for customer cash. Rivalry can be a fantastic thing for the consumer, but you will find always difficulties in retail company. We found quite a few customer complaints regarding the business and other difficulties with Affordable Power customer service.

Official Website
You will locate information about Affordable Power, alternative energy supply and information about the way the deregulation market works on the official web site at

Customer Service E-Mail
In the event you would rather contact the Affordable Power customer service department by e-mail you can address your e-mail to:

Customer service can answer questions about Affordable Power, your supply charge and energy deregulation, enable you to figure out how to pay your invoice, set up a payment plan or address energy emergencies. The local utility has to be notified of all emergencies. If you do not understand the name or amount of the local utility, Affordable Power may be able to help guide you in the right course.

Our Expertise
After that you can press 1 to make a payment, 2 for a charging query, 3 to renew your account or 4 for other questions. We pressed 4 to reach an Affordable Power customer service representative. The representative pushed for some form of information to pull up our account.

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