Aetna Number


Aetna postal address:

Aetna Inc.
Farmington Ave.Hartford,
CT 06156

Short Description:
AetnaAetna is among the whole world’s largest healthcare firms which supply consumer and conventional managed healthcare goods and services. The firm targets medical direction capacities, disability plans, long-term care strategies, group life insurance, behavioral health plans, dental, pharmaceutical and medical plans.

Official Website
When customers see the official Aetna website, they can find out information regarding products and services offered by the firm. Customers at state can review related providers in the geographic area and the way the business desires to make healthcare work for them. The website allows customers to understand the requirement for adequate healthcare. You will also find section of the site that contains types necessary to complete enrollment.
To find out additional information on the website, customers should register with their plan identification number.

Customer Service E-Mail
Customers can send an email to the corporate offices with the email address listed here: There are several special types listed I order to send the correspondence to the proper department. One thing we noticed is customers must comprise their member identification number to be able to send an email. Since we registered for the website, we had the ability to contact the firm by email. We sent a message asking if there was a dedicated email address for the customer service department. The automated answer said a customer service representative would respond within 24 hours.

Added procedures of communicating include:


Our Expertise
We didn’t have to endure a confusing automated system, which made us happy.
We asked the customer service department if we have questions regarding coverage in multiple areas (medical, dental, life), who do we contact? The agent described that when customers have concerns, any department is qualified to answer concerns. We were pleased with the outcome of our call. Not every call to the customer service department is pleasurable. We want one to share your experiences with us in the remarks below.

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