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603-2719-9999Pressing Feedback

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Official Website
AEON CreditThe Aeon official website are found at This site is in English, but the info provided is not for US consumers. There’s no US department of Aeon that we could locate.
We were surprised to find that Aeon customer service was also on social media sites.


Social media sites, like e-mail and snail mail, are not for monetary questions. We detected several messages on the Aeon site telling customers to call Aeon customer service if there was a financial dilemma.

Customer Service Email
Head over to the online feedback form to contact Aeon customer service. Once again , this form is not for monetary problems. Aeon expressly states they will not answer to monetary questions or any questions that pose a security hazard by email of any sort.

Our Experience
We love talking to financial institutions. The customer service teams appear to be so informed with every facet of customer service. The agents normally place the customer first and manage situations without needing assistance from a supervisor. Unfortunately, we do not have the capability to contact the customer service team. We’re relying on communication on social media sites and e-mail to gauge the degree of customer service accessible from Aeon.
Have you spoken with a live customer service agent before? We’d love for one to discuss your story and experience.

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