A&E Number

1 800 933 6249

Other A&E Phone Numbers:

1-212-210-1400A&E Corporate

A&E postal address:

Visa Inc.
PO Box 8999
W 57th StNew York,
NY 10019

Short Description:
aenetworksA&E is a cable television show responsible for reality, educational and sensational shows, among many others. Besides the A&E network, the company is additionally responsible for other networks like Lifetime, Bio and the History Channel. It’s possible for you to browse through the different show pages or visit the A&E store for show-themed merchandise.

Official Website
In regards into a vast network of stations and companies like the one A&E is linked with, you can wager there are multiple sites. The A&E site is found at http://www.aetv.com/ and the store for the network is found at http://shop.history.com. There’s also a site for A&E Networks at http://www.aenetworks.com.

Customer Service Email Address
There exists a support page on the A&E site where you can Submit a Ticket http://www.aetv.com/support/ for customer support. We were surprised to find out you don’t have to register for an online account to submit the ticket. Just fill in your name, email, problem, summary and details and send the message along. We chose to ask about Duck Dynasty to discover if the duck calls are available on the market online.

Our Experience
When we called the customer service section, we wanted to know the return policy for purchases made at the online store. We did not find the return policy on the site. The agent clarified the return policy for many the items is one year. Based on the agent, the only thing which couldn’t be returned are DVD’s, because of copyright laws. In the event the customer receives a damaged copy, the customer service section will replace exactly the same copy.
The communication with the customer service section was easy and painless. Did you have an identical encounter? Discuss your story with us below.

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