Adorama Number


Other Adorama Phone Numbers:

1 212 627 8487Rentals

1-800-815-0702Customer Service

Photo Lab: 1 888 216 6400
Government/Education: 1 888 582 2500
Federal Government: 1-888-209-5558
Professional Services: 1-888-582-3900
Used Gear: 1-800-223-2500
Verification: 1-800-223-2500
General Inquiries: 1-800-223-2500

Adorama postal address:

Adorama Inc.
W 18th StNew York, NY 10011

Adorama email:

Short Description:
Adorama is one of the largest retail and online camera gear and photograph stores in the usa. The business has been around for over 30 years, evolving from just a retail store to a large online presence.

Official Website
adoramaYou will find the official website for Adorama at This site functions as an information site, store and customer service page. If you plan on purchasing from Adorama online, register for the free account before purchasing.

There are also several social media pages available for customers to connect with Adorama customer service.

Google Plus:

Customer Service Email
When sending an email from your own personal email account to Adorama customer service, fill in the Subject line so the agent knows the email is not SPAM.

Photo Lab:
Professional Services:
Used Gear:
General Queries:

Our Experience
When we contacted the customer service department we ran into an automated system fairly perplexing and hard to decipher. There were several options to join with the customer service department and after pressing the appropriate button, the system went to another menu. This occurred for about 5 minutes before the system joined with a live agent.
We requested the representative for information relating to returns bought on the website. We wanted to understand what was the typical guarantee of these products. The agent clarified the bulk of the goods can be found with a one year guarantee. Do you have an appealing customer service story? Share your ideas with us below.

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