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Other Adobe Phone Numbers:

1-866-772-3623Software Activation

1 800 685 3573TTY

Adobe postal address:

Adobe Inc.
345 Park Ave.
San Jose, CA 95110-2704

Short Description:


Adobe is a company which develops tools used for digital media, smartphone applications, video games and more. While many of the programs you use have some form of Adobe digital aspect, it is the paid Adobe products which most people desire customer service help with. Adobe offers paid versions of Acrobat, Creative Suite, Digital Marketing Suite, Digital Publishing Suite, Elements, Photoshop and Touch Programs, among many others. Customers seeking contact with the service department will locate that Adobe is a bit more open in comparison with other companies.

Official Website
If you are interested in a Adobe product, you are able to see the official website at There you’ll find in-depth descriptions of each merchandise, free trial downloads for some products and support from Adobe.

Customer Service E-Mail
It doesn’t appear that customer service offers an email address for customers to contact the service department. We located heaps of phone numbers for Adobe offices all over the world, but none list email addresses.

Adobe on Facebook: We’ve had lots of luck contacting customer service via Facebook pages for various companies.

Our Experience
When we called the support line for Adobe Systems, the call was instantly answered by an automated system. The automated record told the caller that free support was accessible online. The online customer support system enables customers to contact Adobe and ask any irrelevant questions. Customers must search for the merchandise they desire help with in order to find support. Customer service and support can also be accessible for a $39 fee per incident.
An email inquiry to Adobe created a fast answer of about 30 minutes. Although the answer appeared to be automated, the information was helpful as it answered our question regarding a kind of contact directly to customer service. The communication also said we could send private messages with the additional questions and concerns, see below:
Adobe Systems
Adobe Systems Hi Richard! You’ll locate contact information for Adobe Support here:
Initial Message:
Will there be an email address for Adobe customer service?
Have you ever called Adobe for free support? Have you ever paid for Adobe support? Tell us your story about Adobe customer service.


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