What is the phone number for Adecco

The phone numbers for Adecco are:

1 631 844 7800

Other Adecco Phone Numbers:

1 631 844 7614Direct US Customer Service Phone Number

Adecco postal address:

Adecco Inc.
Deerwood Park BlvdBldg 200Ste 400Jacksonville,
FL 32256

Short Description:
adeccoAdecco is an international staffing company based in Switzerland. The firm was founded in the late 1990’s and grew after merging with another staffing service in France. Adecco is now responsible for staffing nearly 1 million associates around the world.

Official Website
When you visit the official Adecco web site http://www.adeccousa.com/ you have the opportunity to learn more about the appropriate livelihood services, learn what companies search for in the employer services; research what current associates must be successful and comprehend the inner working of the company. You can find invaluable information by reading through the Adecco Website.
Social Media
A 21stcentury business must include social media. Adecco supplies several ways to keep the dialogue going. No matter what platform you decide, Adecco is there for you. We need to note that we have examined each platform and the response time from a customer care agent changes.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/AdeccoUSA
Twitter: http://twitter.com/adeccousa
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/company/adecco-staffing-usa/
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/adeccousa
Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/adeccousa/

Customer Service E-Mail
In case that you prefer e-mail communicating instead of conventional communication, you’ve got choices. It is possible to either send feedback to Adecco on the web site feedback customer type, the corporate e-mail communicating type, the investor sort or the media type. Considering we desired to send general questions, we determined to utilize the web site sort. We sent a message asking for the hours of operations for the customer service section. We expect to receive a message within another two business days.

Website Feedback: http://www.adeccousa.com/Pages/Feedback.aspx
Corporate Office: http://www.adecco.com/en-US/About/Pages/Contact.aspx
Media: http://www.adecco.com/en-US/Media/Pages/MediaContact.aspx

Our Encounter
We thought calling Adecco would be easy, but we ran into several drawbacks prior to talking with the customer service section. The first thing customer’s brush is the automated system. This really is where things started to turn south. The automated system provided choice to connect with the customer service section; we selected the proper choice and instead of talking with a live representative, we were connected with another set of options.
This procedure occurred two more times until we were able to speak with a live representative. After the representative answered the call we started asking questions relating to trying to get livelihood services on the web site. The representative was pleased to walk us though the entire process. The end of the call proved Adecco does care about the customer; the business just must work with the initial portion of the customer call. Have you got a story to share? Remark below.

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