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1-800-416-8066After Hours

Short Description:

Adaptec is a computer hardware accessory company that sells SAS and SATA storage adapters and host bus adapters. Apparatus purchased from Adaptec must come with software and drivers, because support and keys are accessible for both so long as you’re a registered user. If you own an Adaptec or Breeze device, register that device online before trying to contact Adaptec customer service.

Official Website
716px-Adaptec_LogoYou can find the Adaptec customer service and online store at If you would like to register your merchandise before contacting customer service, see the My Account at the very highest part of the page and register for an account. Instead, you can see the Register Your Product link in the bottom of the page.
Besides your normal customer service options, Adaptec customer service displays the Twitter address as a means of contacting tech support. The Twitter page for Adaptec is located at
Customer Service Email
We understand Adaptec customer service uses Twitter as a means of answering customer questions, but there’s also the option to e-mail customer service. It is possible to send your e-mail to
Our Experience
A typical concern regarding customers who purchase Adaptec products is receiving support. When we contacted the customer service section we wanted to understand and have an broker supply assurance that the customer support team had our back. After browsing through the automated hotline, we had the ability to speak with a customer service representative and ask about help.
The customer service team said they are accessible to help with the majority of issues and concerns, but the customer must perform one task first. The customer must register their merchandise. In the event they fail to achieve this, the customer support could potentially be less than desired. We’re glad the customer support team provided honest feedback. Was the customer care team trustworthy with your requests? Remark in the section below.

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