Acer Number

1 408 533 7700

Other Acer Phone Numbers:


Acer postal address:

Acer Inc.
333 West San Carlos St. Suite1500San Jose,
CA 95110

Short Description:
acerAcer started as a modest company in the late 1970’s and has since grown into the second-largest maker of notebook computers on earth. The company maintains its place in the market by focusing on breaking the barriers of technology, while putting people on the vanguard of every conclusion.

Official Website
The official Acer website provides insight into the computer company. Customers can buy products, download update and guides and also find out more about all applicable services and products. Customers can register a device or visit the customer care page for priceless knowledge regarding their merchandises. One more resource is the answers page.
The customer support centre allows customers to connect with the customer service department via email, Live Chat, conventional mail and telephone. The phone service is just relevant if your device is under warranty or if your purchase an Answers by Acer strategy.

Contact Info:
Added methods to speak with the customer service section include electronic mail and conventional mail.
The company also offers a system by which customers can contact customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. The strategy contains:

One problem: $99
Five issues: $149
15 problems: $200
30 Dilemmas: $300
Single use “how-to”: $19 — $80

Customer Service Email
If customers want to email the customer service section, they need to make use of the email address here: To be able to send a message, customers have to sign into their account or register for the site. Registering for the site is simple and does not require an excessive amount of private information.
We sent an email requesting if the firm has a listing of service centers. We are awaiting a response. Added methods to speak with the customer service section comprise:


Our Expertise
When we contacted the customer service section at the corporate headquarters, we were asked to hold for the next available operator. We anticipated a longer than average wait, but we were misguided. We asked if the company had a section of the site where we’re able to review guides of older model computers. The representative explained the company did and walked us through the whole process of finding the part of the site.
When calling the customer service team, did they go beyond your expectations and “WOW” you? We want to hear. Whare your store with us below.

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