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1 317 521 2000Roche Diagnostics

Short Description:
accuAccu chek is a diabetic supply company that sells modest blood glucose monitors and accessories. A lot of these products available from Accu chek can be bought over the counter at leading retailers and drugstores throughout America. Some insurance companies cover diabetic supplies and others do not so check with your insurance company before buying to see if you qualify for insurance compensation or coverage. You do NOT need to be identified as having diabetes to check your blood glucose levels or purchase some Accu chek devices.

Mailing Address
After quite a bit of hunting, we discovered the company address Accu chek customers are write with concerns.
Official Website
The chief Accu chek site in the US is The firm describes present products and declares any product recalls or security issues on the front page.
Social media is another area where customers can read Accu chek upgrades and connect with the Accu chek customer service team. At times social media is faster than calling or e-mailing.


Customer Service E-Mail
That is an overall e-mail form for Accu chek customer service, but the description of the form asserts it’s for site questions and comments — not merchandise help. Accu chek favors customers call the Customer Care amount listed above for all merchandise questions.
We sent a message to the customer service section about low cost monitors for people who wish to record blood glucose for overall health motives.

Our Expertise
Talking with a customer service section should be a delightful and favorable experience, not a chore. This really is true when we contacted Accu chek. The automated system supplied several choices, but none directed our call to the customer service section. Several attempts to press 0 to be able to talk with the operator failed. This only returned the call to the start of the call. We decided to listen to the entire message and eventually choose an alternative. This led us from one section to another and finally the customer service section.
We asked the representative if we could return used products if they are faulty. After all of the hassle, the representative described customers couldn’t due to health concerns. We feel as if this information should be found on the main site. We want to know if other customers experience this kind of low level of customer service or can it be only us? Have a narrative?

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