Access America Number


Other Visa Phone Numbers:

1-866-333-7874New Potential Partners

1-866-884-3556Customer Service for Travelers

1-800-346-9265Customer Service Fax

1 804 673 1469Claims Fax

Access America postal address:

Access America Inc.
PO Box 71533 Richmond,
VA 23286

Access America email:

Short Description:
50972-access-america-basic-boxThe firm changed names from Access America to Allianz, so now all insurance documents and the official site reveal the new name in place of the old. You will find still some informational pages lingering on the Internet using the Access America name.

Official Website
If you navigate to you’ll find yourself redirected to The old site no more holds the files for the site and just serves as a portal to redirect to Allianz.

Our Experience
Customers should take note when contacting the customer service department. Although the numbers listed expressly separate the technical support department and the general customer service department, when we phoned the two were interlaced. We believed the call would go smoother, but from the start it was “doomed”. The call connected to the general customer service department and we requested the agent for advice concerning the payment support systems.
The agent explained the firm does not specifically have a dedicated assistance systems, but could alter the date of your payment or make your deductable due annually as opposed to quarterly. Would you care to comment? Discuss your thoughts below.

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