About.com Number

About.com does not offer telephone support.

About.com postal address:

About.com Inc.
Care 1500 Broadway, 6th Floor New York,
NY 10036

Short Description:
aboutAbout.com a web site with expert submitted posts on various themes. Currently, more than 90 million users visit About.com. Do you should contact the customer service department or a professional? Join by conventional post, through social media or by email.

Official Website
Customers seeing About.com have the chance to read the editor’s picks, investigate issues and browse categories. It is also possible to use the search function to search for particular posts. The web site http://www.about.com/#!/editors-picks/ features video content as well as a live social media feed with new posts and issues. Each post contains the byline of the author. Would you need added information connecting the services provides by About.com? We recommend seeing the Customer Help page.

Social Media
Customers can connect with the customer service department through Facebook or Twitter. Sometimes, the customer service department reacts in less than 12 hours.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aboutdotcom
Twitter: https://twitter.com/aboutdotcom
Google : https://plus.google.com/ Aboutdotcom/posts
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/company/about.com
Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/aboutdotcom/

Customer Service Email
Customers can connect with the customer service department through the use of the customer feedback form on the site. You’ll have to enter you contact information and also the topic of you message. We explained that not every customer has access to your computer or a smart device. After sending our message, we received an automated response. The message said the customer service team would attempt to reply within two (2) business days. We’re still waiting on a response.

Customer Service: http://www.about.com/gi/pages/pform.htm

Our Experience
Our encounter would have been better if Abount.com would have supplied a customer service phone number on the site. This is a significant bit of customer service missing from the company. We’d to rely on connecting with the customer service department by email and through social media. Considering we are still waiting on a response from our message, the customer service department certainly does not place customer experience as a top priority. Have you ever attempted to link with the customer service department? What was the result? We would like to hear from customers exactly like you. Take a minute to share your thoughts with us in the remark section.

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