3com number


Other 3com Customer Service Numbers:


(800)668-7670Sales (Canada)

3com postal address:

Worldwide Corporate Headquarters Hewlett-Packard Company
3000 Hanover St. Palo Alto,
CA 94304-1185

Short Description:

3Com_LogoFounded in the late 1970’s, 3Com was a premier maker of networking solutions. Through the company’s short history, it’s grown into a leading player in the Chinese market and seen increase after HP acquired the company. Although the 3Com isn’t any longer a different company, the worth associated with customer experience stay the same.

Contact Info:
The sales department is available Monday through Friday 9am to 8pm EST.

Additional phone numbers for technical support from all over the world is found here. Just choose your country of origin.

Official Website
The 3Com website is currently enjoyed to the HP website. Customers find a way to search for networking solutions, product availability as well as seek support. The customer service page provides information relating to the products and how customers can troubleshoot.

Customer Service Email
Customers desiring to connect with the customer service department should sign up for a paid subscription for e-mail support. The email address allows customers to sign into their account or buy a subscription. We will have to rely on calling the customer service department as opposed to contacting the customer service team by e-mail.
The only applicable “electronic mail” contact on the website is a contact form for the sales department. This kind is not designed for customers to voice customer service concerns.

Our Experience
Believe us when we say the customer service department is a piece of work. We called and waited through the automated system, for approximately 10 minutes. We selected 0 to no avail. The only thing this did was return the automated options to the beginning. We finally had the opportunity for connecting with the customer service team.
We asked the agent if there was a better procedure to remark with the customer service team, considering we were on hold for more than 10 minutes. The customer service agent clarified customers could utilize the Live Chat feature or the Support Lookup Tool to be able to solve a concern. Apart from those options, the broker couldn’t provide us with an answer. This was customer service at its worst. Shout out your idea with us below in the comment section.

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