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319 Manley St.
Suite 1
West Bridgewater, MA 02379

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Short Description:
3balls-logoThe story behind 3balls.com is filled with excitement and dedication to quality. The business started when two friends saw a difference in the golf pro store industry. The two pooled resources and started a small pro shop. After generating buzz surrounding their business, they grown and eventually turned a hobby into a profitable business. Through all of the awards and expansion, the dedication to customer service remains exactly the same. If you must contact the customer service department, you are able to join by email, traditional mail, by telephone, through social media or Live Chat.

Official Web Site
Customers visiting the 3balls.com site can buy golf equipment by brand and type. You may also buy clothing, golf shoes and many different accessories. The advantage of purchasing products from 3balls.com is the reductions. The vast majority of the things on 3balls.com is used or deeply discounted. As an extra value to the website, there is certainly a Help Center providing information concerning the policies and products.

Social Media
Social media is a powerful marketing tool. There is a wealth of information concerning products on the websites, in addition to a forum for customers to ask questions and voice concerns. The response time in the customer service department was rewarding.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/3ballscom/82228985071?utm_source=social_footer&utm_medium=facebook
Twitter: https://twitter.com/3ballsGolf?utm_source=social_footer&utm_medium=twitter
Site: http://blog.3balls.com/?utm_source=social_footer&utm_medium=blog
Interest: http://pinterest.com/3ballsgolf/?utm_source=social_footer&utm_medium=pinterest
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/3ballsgolfvideo?utm_source=social_footer&utm_medium=youtube

Customer Service E-Mail
Rather than sending a message using the customer service email address, we used the customer comments form. Our message centered on sending products domestically and worldwide. We received an automated response saying a customer care agent would react to our concerns within two (2) business days.
Customer Feedback: http://server.iad.liveperson.net/hc/s-76235038/cmd/kbresource/kb-3064570004393616840/escalate!PAGETYPE

Our Expertise
The agent explained the policy and stopped the call. The general experience was special. Did you have similar effects when you called the customer service department? We’d love to hear from customers just like you.

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