20th Century Fox Number


20th Century Fox postal address:

20th Century Fox Inc.
20th Century Fox10201 W Pico BlvdLos Angeles,
CA 90035

Short Description:
FoxMoviesTwentieth Century Fox is also called Fox Studios. Fox Studios is the area where thousands of pictures and televisions shows are produced each year, but the studio offers more than space. Creation, stage, outdoor design, food and post production editing are just a few of the many companies that make up 20th Century Fox and Fox Studios.

Official Website
The home of 20th Century Fox customer service on the Internet is http://www.foxstudios.com. The website is just not dedicated to the movies put out by the studio; instead the studio that puts out the pictures. If you’re more enthusiastic about the pictures in the company, have a look at the Fox Movies site at http://www.foxmovies.com/.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FoxMovies
Twitter: https://twitter.com/20thCenturyFox

Customer Service Email
The appropriate column of the front page of the 20th Century Fox customer service website http://www.foxstudios.com/directory_of_services.html records five possible e-mails. It is possible to locate them under the Special Requests header. Choose one of the five and a form will appear.

Our Expertise
One thing we noticed when contacting 20th Century Fox, should you not understand the expansion of the customer service department, you will have a longer than expected wait time. We just wanted to reach the customer service department and we waited in excess of 10 minutes before talking with a live agent.
We requested the agent for advice on creating a tour for a large group. We understood individuals could see, but didn’t understand about groups. The agent explained large groups are welcome and must contact the specific department they pick to tour to setup the visit. The agent was friendly, although the period of the call wasn’t the best part of the dialog. Have you contacted the firm and had a fantastic customer service experience? Take a minute to share your opinions below.

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