Adaptec Number


Other Adaptec Phone Numbers:

1-800-416-8066After Hours

Short Description:

Adaptec is a computer hardware accessory company that sells SAS and SATA storage adapters and host bus adapters. Apparatus purchased from Adaptec must come with software and drivers, because support and keys are accessible for both so long as you’re a registered user. If you own an Adaptec or Breeze device, register that device online before trying to contact Adaptec customer service.

Official Website
716px-Adaptec_LogoYou can find the Adaptec customer service and online store at If you would like to register your merchandise before contacting customer service, see the My Account at the very highest part of the page and register for an account. Instead, you can see the Register Your Product link in the bottom of the page.
Besides your normal customer service options, Adaptec customer service displays the Twitter address as a means of contacting tech support. The Twitter page for Adaptec is located at
Customer Service Email
We understand Adaptec customer service uses Twitter as a means of answering customer questions, but there’s also the option to e-mail customer service. It is possible to send your e-mail to
Our Experience
A typical concern regarding customers who purchase Adaptec products is receiving support. When we contacted the customer service section we wanted to understand and have an broker supply assurance that the customer support team had our back. After browsing through the automated hotline, we had the ability to speak with a customer service representative and ask about help.
The customer service team said they are accessible to help with the majority of issues and concerns, but the customer must perform one task first. The customer must register their merchandise. In the event they fail to achieve this, the customer support could potentially be less than desired. We’re glad the customer support team provided honest feedback. Was the customer care team trustworthy with your requests? Remark in the section below.

ACN Number

1 877 226 1010

Other Visa Phone Numbers:

1-888-414-1958Technical Support

Digital Phone (technical support): 1-888-414-1958
Long Distance Sets: 1-866-226-8838
High Speed Internet/Phone: 1-888-913-9411
Dial-up Internet: 1 800 628 6108
WiMAX: 1-888-888-3113
Wireless Internet (existing customers): 1 888 226 2141
ACN View: 1-866-827-3039
DirectTV: 1-800-653-1730
Home Security (new customers): 1-877-479-1668
Technical Support (premium): 1-877-265-3407
U.S. Energy (Planet Energy): 1-855-360-3043
U.S. Energy (XOOM): 1 888 787 8997 or 1-888-997-8979
Direct Chat Express: 1-866-217-2415
ACN Company Edge: 1-877-226-7177

Telephone: 11 888 383 8226
Technical Support: 1 866 913 3445
High Speed Internet: 1-877-418-3738
Wireless: 1-866-295-0124
Satellite (new customers): 1-866-350-8021
Satellite (existing customers): 1-888-759-3474
Home Security: 1-866-952-0825
ACN Canada Energy: 1-866-755-9553

ACN postal address:

Visa Inc.
PlaceConcord, NC 28025 2449

Short Description:
acnACN understands the needs of the customer. The business was founded on the rules of offering services at a low cost that customers desired. ACN started out selling long distance services to other telecommunications businesses and finally began selling Internet and television services to businesses too. With a customer base surpassing the millions, ACN focuses on providing extraordinary customer service. If you have to connect with the customer service section, you can connect by telephone, e-mail, conventional mail, through social media and by Live Chat.

Official Website
Customers seeing the official ACN web site have the opportunity to sign up for services, compare the differences between existing telecommunications businesses and read information pertaining to sustainability initiatives. If you’re interested in services, you will need to see the MyACN web site This section of the main web site offers in-depth information regarding these products and accessible services.
Social Media
Customers have the opportunity to get in touch with the customer service section through social media. The typical response time to customer concerns is less than thirty minutes. At times, the customer service section reacts within minutes.

Google :

Customer Service Email
As a way to send a message to the customer service section, you will need to sign into your ACN account.

Our Expertise
When we reached out to the customer service section, we reached a live representative in about 5 minutes. The response time wasn’t stellar, but the customer service was extraordinary. We asked several questions regarding pricing and availability of services in our local area. With each question, the representative supplied a thorough answer. The overall experience was perfect. What are your thoughts regarding the ACN customer service team? Discuss your thoughts with us in the opinion section.

AC Hotels Number


Phone Contact Numbers

Andorra: 0800 22 1222
Argentina: 0800 444 9846
Aruba: 800-1525
Australia: 1 800 251259
Austria: 0800 296703
Bahrain: 800 00 724
Barbados: 1 800 228 9290
Belgium: 0800 18222
Bermuda: 001 800 228 9290
Bolivia: 800 100338
Brazil: 0800 703 1512
Cayman Islands: 1 800 228 9290
Chile: 123 00208067
China: 400 830 0251
Hong Kong: 80 096 2509
Colombia: 01800 9520356
Costa Rica: 0 800 052 1390
Czech Republic: 800 2289 2900
Denmark: 800 10422
Dominica: 1 800 986 2410
France: 00800 1927 1927
Germany: 00800 1927 1927
India: 18001025000
Jamaica: 1 800 963 2454
Japan: 0120 142 536
New Zealand: 0800 264 333
Russia: 810 800 6277 4680
Moscow: 007 495 5809497
South Africa: 0800 991483
South Korea: 00 798 601 8298
Spain: 900 994422
St. Kitts & Nevis: 1 800 228 9290
St. Lucia: 1 800 228 9290
United Arab Emirates: 80062774688
United Kingdom: 353 21 421 6400
US: 1-888-236-2427
Virgin Islands: 1-800-228-9290

AC Hotels postal address:

AC Hotels Inc.
310 Bearcat Dr. Salt Lake City, UT

Short Description:
marriottAC Hotels is a brand associated with Marriott International. The brand of hotels versions luxury hotel chains in Europe. The hotel chain is in Europe, with plans to expand to countries world-wide. If you must make a booking or assess your existing booking, contact the customer service section by telephone, email, traditional mail or through social media.

Official Website
Customers visiting the AC Hotels site can book a room, plan corporate events, locate the nearest hotel and tour the hotel almost. Customers which can be frequent guest of Marriott can register for the Marriott Rewards program and use earned points toward a free nights stay.
Social Media
We contacted with the customer service section through social media. We posted message and the customer service section reacted within 30 minutes.

Corporate Blog:

Customer Service E-Mail
We sent an email to the customer service section asking about the hours of operation, considering this advice had not been available on the site. We received a answer to our question after waiting 48 hours.

Customer Service:

Our Experience
We contacted the customer service section and asked the agent for advice pertaining to reviewing charges on our credit card. The agent described a different section usually handles credit card discrepancies, but determined to help us. The agent walked us through the procedure and replied our concerns. The experience was better than anticipated. Have you ever contacted the AC Hotels customer service section? What was the outcome? Discuss your thoughts with us in the remark section.

Acronis Number


Other Acronis Phone Numbers:

1 877 669 9749Technical Support

Acronis postal address:

Visa Inc.
6700 Elm StWoburn,
MA 01801

Short Description:
acronisAcronis offers Internet-based backup options for private and company customers. Back-Up creates a copy of what’s on your computer so in the case you endure hard drive loss or data loss of all kinds, your files, images and digital information is safe and sound. Companies use backup alternatives to preserve customer account information and provide seamless customer service across all call centers.

Official Website
Visit to find out about the products and services offered for private and company backup. In the event you ‘re having trouble selecting the merchandise for your backup needs, use the Backup Wizard to sort through the various Acronis products. We discovered when studying customer contact choices that Acronis isn’t always customer-friendly. There’s no contact phone number for customer attention problems and agents are not available to help customers choose the appropriate backup solution.

Customer Service Email
Customers can e-mail the support section using the online contact form at There is certainly a location to input your merchandise information, which could help it become simpler for the technician to reply your question. If you received an error code, enter the error code on the contact form.
We sent an e-mail to the customer service section outright asking why the company doesn’t offer presales or customer support. We’ll amend this piece to include their response when received.

Our Experience
Contacting the customer service section was more difficult than what we anticipated. The automated system continued to repeat, even after we picked the choice to speak with the sales department. After waiting about 3 minutes, we were connected. The down side was were received a messing system rather than a live agent.
We would like to hear from customers just like you with customer service experiences. Our experience was not the best considering the customer support team didn’t need to speak to the customer.

Xerox Number


Other Xerox Phone Numbers:

(303)967-1096Direct US Customer Service Phone Number

Xerox postal address:

Xerox Inc.
Norwalk, CT 06856 4505

Short Description:
xeroxACS is a Xerox company that outsources customer service and customer attention via a call center environment. In addition, the company offers an interactive call center to help you see how things should be setup if you are planning an in house operation. Call centers are used by nearly every retail industry, including banking, mail orders, online orders and more. If there’s a major business offering products and services, there’s bound to be a call center on another end of the call. Xerox additionally owns the ACS Schooling company that processes student loans and supplies cloud computing, file management, IT outsourcing and HR services.

Official Website
The official website for ACS is You’ll find links to other service websites from Xerox listed on the Services page. Some service websites allow customers to log into an account to make changes, pay bills and such. Other sites, like the main ACS website does not have a log in for customers whatsoever.

Customer Service Email
ACS doesn’t list a customer service email address in the conventional kind, but they do offer a contact email form customers may use to learn more about available business services. The contact form isn’t the place to contact ACS about charging matters or to send credit card information if you have a charging issue. This really is just a general contact form.

Our Experience
Unfortunately, a company which offers customer service in a call center environment should have someone answering the phones. This time a representative answered the call in less than 10 seconds. With the start of schools and universities, we asked about the student loan services accessible through the company. The representative answered our question having an atmosphere of ability.
If you sign up for the hour lag just to speak to a customer service representative, the encounter went fairly well. Do you share exactly the same opinions? Let us know below.

Actew Number

6248 3111

Actew postal address
Actew Inc.
40 Bunda Street Canberra City

ACT 2600

Short Description

actewActew Corporation is a utilities company specializing in water and sewer. The business started in the early 1960’s under the control to the Australian Capital Territory Authority. In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, the business changed hands and united with several other businesses to be able to form the business of today. As of today, the company is under the management of the Australian Capital Territory Electricity and Water Authority. When new and existing customers need to express a specific concern, the company provides several paths to connect with the customer service department.

Official Website
Customers seeing the official Actew Corporation website here, can sign up for services, log into your existing account, report emergencies and damage, as well as find what the business is doing to better the community. There’s also a committed page to connect with the customer service team.

Social Media
Actew Corporation isn’t a important player in social media, but provides multiple methods to connect with the customer service team. When you’ve got problems connecting with the live customer service representative, you can send a tweet on Twitter or leave a comment on YouTube.


Customer Service E-Mail
You can send an e-mail to the customer service department associated with faults and developments, billing concerns and general questions and concerns. We sent a message to the customer service team asking for information regarding the hours of operation and if the customer service department had an present international customer service phone number.

Our Expertise
We could not join with the customer service department by phone as a result of international telephoning, but we did send a message using the corporate e-mail. When we receive a message back from Actew Corporation, we shall inform you about the corresponding customer service amounts. Did you ever reach the customer care division? How was your expertise?

Acura Number

1 800 382 2238

Other Acura Phone Numbers:

1-800-682-2872Record Orders

1-888-922-8729Acura Canada

1-800-708-6555Roadside Assistance (24/7)

1 800 594 8500Lease Maturity Center

acuraShort Description:Acura is an automotive dealer that specializes in consumer auto sales and financing. While consumer auto sales are hard enough, when you add in-house financing to the mixture you’re bound to have a lot more than a couple of gripes. Acura offers several contact choices, but we were surprised by the lack of support in the evening and on weekends.

Official Website
There exists an official website for owners of the Acura situated at You are able to view present models, apply for finance acceptance and contact customer service via this site. You might also contact the customer service section via the Twitter page or Facebook page.

Customer Service E-Mail
We hunted the whole site free of luck. If your question is not answered in the FAQs section there is typically a form to submit a brand new question. The form may be for sale in the MyAcura account.

Our Expertise
The menu just kept repeating, but none of the alternatives were for general customer service questions or anxieties. We eventually selected the option for information on our Acura vehicle and we were put on hold for a representative. When the call was answered after a few minutes on hold, we asked the agent for the email address for customer service. We were put on hold for just a couple of seconds before the agent came back and said there was no email address. The agent directed us to the site if we desired to email the customer service section.

Abercrombie and Fitch Number


Other Abercrombie and Fitch Phone Numbers:

1-866-681-3115Customer Service

1 614 219 3026Customer Service Local

Abercrombie and Fitch postal address:

Abercrombie and Fitch Inc.
Fitch Path New Albany,
OH 43054

Abercrombie and Fitch email:

Short Description:
abercrombie_com-500x500Abercrombie and Fitch is a clothing and accessories company known for carrying the hottest fashions in mall shops and online stores. Abercrombie and Fitch belongs to some family of retail stores, including Hollister, Abercrombie Kids and Gilly Hicks.

Abercrombie and Fitch’s order helpline is a customer service line too. Abercrombie and Fitch customer service isn’t going to cope with customer problems, other than those related to your order, by phone.

Official Website
The official website for purchasing Abercrombie and Fitch merchandise can be found at The website is a sales portal with a couple of bits of contact information thrown in for online customers. There is no contact page or e-mail form to select from. There does not seem to be any corporate website with additional info.

Our Experience
Abercrombie and Fitch’s order helpline is a customer service line too. Abercrombie and Fitch customer service isn’t going to cope with customer problems, other than those related to your order, by phone.

Acuvue Number

1 800 843 2020

Acuvue postal address:

Visa Inc.
FL 32256

Short Description:
acuvueAcuvue is a contact lens brand with fairly the advertising budget. The company spends millions of dollars annually promoting the contacts to the younger generation of student and athlete. Contact lenses aren’t for everyone and they need a prescription in the US. The prescription generally lasts one to two years before the patient must revisit a doctor for a check-up and a fresh prescription. If you’re having a medical emergency, for example an eye infection or loss of eyesight, contact medical help not Acuvue. Acuvue customer service cannot give medical advice.

Official Website
Have a look at the hottest and greatest Acuvue contact lenses on the official site at You will quickly understand the promotion push to the younger generation. Youthful customers are generally much more active and concerned about how eyeglasses make them appear.
A few significant pages on the website comprise the Rebate Page and the Free Trial Offer Request. The free trial form must be delivered to your own physician. It’s not possible to receive a second free pair with the certification.
Being a company promotion to young people, there is bound to be social media marketing. We found two pages on the website, though Twitter was interestingly missing.


Customer Service Email
The Acuvue customer service page functions as the email page as well. In the centre of the page is the word Email Choose the issue of your contact with the customer service department. We chose to ask about bifocal contacts.

Our Encounter
When you listen to the automated system, don’t stress, there are just two choices. The funny side of the system is neither connect with the customer service department. The absolute wait time is less than 2 minutes. When the agent answered the call, we requested if customers could return products. The rationale being, we found several on-line gripe forums stating Acuvue doesn’t accept returns due to health concerns.
The agent immediately dismissed the rumors and explained customers can return products. The only time customers can not is when they are out of guarantee. We like when a customer service agent debunks rumors and tells us the entire truth. What say you seeing our customer service encounter? We want to learn from you.

Adams-Columbia Electric Coop Number

1 800 831 8629

Other Adams-Columbia Electric Coop Phone Numbers:

1-888-928-2232Power Outage

1-800-242-8511Diggers Hotline

Adams-Columbia Electric Coop postal address:

Adams-Columbia Electric Coop Inc.
Box 216W6290 State Road 33Pardeeville,
WI 53954 0216

Adams-Columbia Electric Coop email:

Short Description:
ACECWIThe company was founded in the late 1980’s and continues to be among the very best customer-centered rural cooperatives in the state.

Official Website
The site also features the Member Toolkit, where members can find out about renewable energy, as well as energy and efficiency.

Social Media
Adams-Columbia Electric Coop is not an active company on social media, but we have to note the company reacts in a timely manner. Adams-Columbia Electric Coop replied the concerns of customers within 10 minutes in several dialogs.


Our Expertise
We called the customer service hotline and experienced a longer than expected delay. Actually, we waited on hold for at least three (3) minutes prior to your customer service representative answering our call. After the representative replied the called, they appeared to be removed and unengaged in our questions and concerns. It was difficult getting a straight answer, so we asked to talk with a supervisor. After the supervisor replied, the call went another way. By the conclusion of the call, all of our concerns and questions were replied. Overall, the experience was acceptable, considering the circumstances. When you called the customer service department, what was your take on the degree of customer service? Share your ideas with us below.